Audience Target Efficiency of Radio and Social Media

Audience Target Efficiency, Conversion Rate, Radio, Social Media, Discussion Group

Audience target efficiency is a simple measurement of how effectively your promotions are targeting the market you are looking to expose your brand to. This can be measured throughout all advertising methods to see which have the best conversion rate and will overall help you get the business you want.

Radio has an audience that often varies with people of different interests and backgrounds. Sure you can advertise on a station that most likely has the listeners you want to target but their interests and activity with the radio just may not be enough to get a large amount of conversions. Considering a station of about 100,000 listeners only about 2% of them may have a current interest in what you are promoting. This is where radio lacks a high conversion rate because of its difficulty to target your desired audience depending on your products and services.

Social media is another story in the case of audience target efficiency. Promoting your brand on discussion groups or in other social media avenues can help you narrow your focus down to a select few that without doubt have interest in what you have to expose them to. In a discussion group with a size of 1000 members you can expect about a 30% conversion rate, which is a relatively large percentage since participants in the group have an interest already. These higher conversion rates make social media look more appealing when it comes to audience target efficiency but it takes a good social media agent to find just the right networking sites and groups that will give you the best ROI.


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Tech Media expert Lawrence Harte is at the core of the changing TV industry. As senior editor Social TV and other Magazines, he has interviewed over 3800 TV technology executives and professionals since 2005 who share they insights, solutions, and business information. He has authored over 112 technology and business books that explain how these systems work and are changing. He shares the latest innovations and shocking business changes trends of the Television industry including interactive holograms that you can feel (yes, this is real!), TV ad selection based on social media activities, and the economic changes of Internet TV content monetization. His expert consulting clients include Google TV, Samsung, Rovi, Centurylink, and others. Mr. Harte likes to demonstrate gadgets and do fun interactive audience exercises. People who hear him speak are amazed, fearful, and dazzled by what is coming.
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