Radio and Social Media Reach

Big Questions:
How many people will see or hear my message?
How much does it cost to deliver my message?
Active Listening/Viewing – Radio tends to reach more people than on a social media discussion group but that doesn’t always mean they all are paying attention. Social media audiences tend to be more active considering the online group interactivity.
Group Size Impact – Determining which groups to promote on whether it be through LinkedIn, Facebook, or another channel can be quite the balancing act. You want a large amount of people in the group, but not too large. There will be less exposure in larger groups because of all the digest, remember, you probably are not the only one trying to market on that outlet. Then again you don’t want a group that’s too small since that would just be a waste of labor.
Audience Profiling – As already discussed there is a large audience exposed to radio promotions but they may not be the ones who you’re trying to reach. Social media can allow you to focus on certain groups and demographics to best market your brand, product, or service. With radio this is not as easy but certainly possible, certain stations will tend to have different types of listeners that you may be trying to market to.
Geographic Targeting – Both radio and social media can be used when trying to target a certain geographic market. Radio advertisements can be played across local, state, national, and even international stations which can allow you to target just about anywhere in reason. This is also the case with social media, there are thousands of groups oriented around a certain city, region, or state, this also makes targeting a geographical spot easier.

About qiclearning

Tech Media expert Lawrence Harte is at the core of the changing TV industry. As senior editor Social TV and other Magazines, he has interviewed over 3800 TV technology executives and professionals since 2005 who share they insights, solutions, and business information. He has authored over 112 technology and business books that explain how these systems work and are changing. He shares the latest innovations and shocking business changes trends of the Television industry including interactive holograms that you can feel (yes, this is real!), TV ad selection based on social media activities, and the economic changes of Internet TV content monetization. His expert consulting clients include Google TV, Samsung, Rovi, Centurylink, and others. Mr. Harte likes to demonstrate gadgets and do fun interactive audience exercises. People who hear him speak are amazed, fearful, and dazzled by what is coming.
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