How to Compare Radio and Social Media Promotion

Radio has been a strong advertising channel for nearly a century and for good reason. It’s ease and tremendous reach to the public gives it an edge over many other marketing methods, but a new promotional platform still in its infantile stage is coming on to the scene with great promise, Social Media. Comparing the two can be difficult and a lack of knowledge in regards to which can help generate more business can lead to a wasted budget, a poor brand reputation, and less sales. This article will discuss comparisons between social media and radio promotion and what you can do to generate more sales leads and improve your marketing campaign overall.

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Tech Media expert Lawrence Harte is at the core of the changing TV industry. As senior editor Social TV and other Magazines, he has interviewed over 3800 TV technology executives and professionals since 2005 who share they insights, solutions, and business information. He has authored over 112 technology and business books that explain how these systems work and are changing. He shares the latest innovations and shocking business changes trends of the Television industry including interactive holograms that you can feel (yes, this is real!), TV ad selection based on social media activities, and the economic changes of Internet TV content monetization. His expert consulting clients include Google TV, Samsung, Rovi, Centurylink, and others. Mr. Harte likes to demonstrate gadgets and do fun interactive audience exercises. People who hear him speak are amazed, fearful, and dazzled by what is coming.
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1 Response to How to Compare Radio and Social Media Promotion

  1. This is a very informative piece, particularly for those who are contemplating a mixture of radio and social media marketing within their campaigns. Budgeting can be tricky, and this post sheds some light onto how to find the right balance of marketing for each channel, ultimately seeing the most ROI.

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